My Car Connection : Monitor

Monitor: Vehicle Location

  • Car Connection tracks the vehicle when running every 5 minutes. The customer can login to the user portal to instantly track the vehicle.
  • Creates a path as the vehicle drives - this path can be recalled and viewed on the user portal.
  • When the vehicle is not running Car Connection will monitor the location of the vehicle every hour.

Monitor: Safety Zones (Geo-Fences)

  • Know when your teen driver has entered or exited areas such as school or home.
  • Have peace of mind that they are going to the friend's house they say they are.
  • Know if an aging parent has left their house or an assisted living facility.
  • Ability to set-up notifications via text or email and can be used as a "Stolen Vehicle" notification as well.

Monitor: Cell Phone Restriction

  • Have peace of mind that your loved one is NOT driving while distracted
  • A FREE downloadable app limits the usage of Android™ and Blackberry® smart phones while driving.
  • When a call or text is received while driving, the sender will receive a text notification that the driver is driving and will call them back.
  • Car Connection will automatically launch the app loaded on the phone when the vehicle's ignition is turned ON.

Monitor: Lot Spot™

  • Never lose your vehicle again! Park at the mall, ballpark or airport with no need to write down what parking spot you're in.
  • Lot Spot automatically logs the location of the vehicle when the ignition is shut off and will provide you with Google™ walking instructions back to the vehicle
  • iPhone®, Android™ and Blackberry® Smart Phones supported

Driver behavior
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